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Submission of Visa application and collection of passports can be done by the following:

  • Applicants.
  • Travel Agents.
  • Representatives.

In case a representative requires to submit the application or collect the passport he/she should carry a photo id along with an authority letter from the applicant.

If you plan to use a representative to collect your passport on your behalf, you are requested to provide Original Individual authorization letters, signed by the respective applicants. Your representative must present this letter along with original & 01 photocopy of his or her identity in the form of photo ID (i.e. driving license, passport, or PAN card) along with the original acknowledgement slips provided by Israel Visa Services at the time of intake of your application, please see attached sample word document Individual authority letter. If you plan to collect the passport by yourself please present the original acknowledgement slips provided by Israel Visa Services at the time of intake of your application.

Also attached Individual authority sample letter

Processing time for all categories will be minimum of 3 weeks working days ( Excluding day of submission of application at Israel Visa Services)

For FastTrack applications :

  • 10-12 working days  for Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

For B1 and A2 Visa (after receiving an approval from the Ministry of Interior in Israel). Applications accepted at the Israel Visa Application Centres will be submitted on the next working day to the Embassy / Consulate General of Israel.

Applicant need to submit documents according to jurisdiction list. Click Here
“Embassy of Israel doesn’t issue PAPER VISA. As an Indian citizen, you can get and hold another passport valid for travel to Israel only”. For more details, Click here

Acceptance of your form for processing and payment of the processing fee does not guarantee grant of the visa. The granting of the visa is entirely the prerogative and at the discretion of the Embassy / Consul of Israel and no reasons will be provided for the delay/denial of a visa.

Applicants can instantly track the status of their application by clicking on Track your Application. There will be no need to follow up with the Embassy / Consulate or the Israel Visa Services Helpline to ascertain when the passport will be returned.

Applicable Charges

Please note the visa fee for applicants applying to The Israel Visa Application Centres in New Delhi,Mumbai, Bengaluru are payable in Cash. Please click on Visa Fees for details on payments.

Please refer to Online Application Form for all the list of documents required according to the categories.