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  • 15 November, 2022

    The Mumbai visa application centre will attend visa applications as per prior appointment only.

    Please send email at for appointments during office hour.

  • 28 February, 2022

    "Dear All,
    Please note, as per the new guidelines received from the Ministry of Israel.

    From Tuesday (1st March 2022) onwards, foreign nationals may enter Israel even if they have not been vaccinated for or recovered from COVID.
    Foreign travellers who stayed outside Israel for more than 72 hours will be required to present one of the following documents:

    • Negative result on a PCR test taken in the 72 hours before boarding the flight to Israel.
    • Positive result on a rapid (antigen) test at an authorized testing site, or a PCR test, taken less than three months prior, provided the traveller enters Israel at least on day 8 after the test (the test date is considered day 1).
    • Exempt from testing approved by the Exceptions Committee.

    All passengers will take another PCR test at the airport in Israel and go into isolation until receipt of a negative result on the PCR or for 24 hours, whichever is earlier.

    This guidance applies to all foreign nationals entering Israel including those who have not been vaccinated or recovered from COVID:

    Those who are not considered  vaccinated or recovered according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health in Israel, and do not receive a Green Pass after filling a statement of entry to Israel – will be required to go into isolation in the event of exposure to a confirmed COVID case during their stay in Israel, according to the guidance.
    Note: Please note that, All the foreign nationals travelling to Israel need fill the health declaration form (

  • 07 January, 2022

    "Dear All,
    Please note, as per the new guidelines received from the Ministry of Israel.
    From Monday (10th Jan’2022) Onwards IVP Centers (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Sri Lanka) will accept applications for the following categories:

    1. A/2 Students & A/4 Dependents. – New Application.
    2. B/2 Business & Tourism.

    Please Note:

    1. With Vaccination Certificate (both doses or 3 doses) done in the last six months (Travel should be within validity of the Vaccination).
    2. Entry Permit: Applicants submitting requests for the A/2 Student, A/4 Dependent visa & B/2 Business & Tourism, they have to fill the online form (follow the  link below & Scroll the page to download “Ramzor App”) to receive an automatic online green pass:-

    Download Ramzor APP